How much does it all cost?

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These entrance fees do not apply to Players who are registered to play at the tournament. For them everything is included!

Entrance fee during the day and evening will be  @@(only  @@ if you buy the tickets online).
If you are planning to come more than 1 day it is recommended to buy a Combi Ticket
for the whole weekend online.
This only costs  @@ !

Only for the festival in the evening on saturday and sunday there will be an entrance fee. Participating teams do not need to buy extra tickets as they are included in the registration fee!

The registration fee is @@@euros / team.
Teams making reservations and payments before December 25th are offered an early-bird discount in the form of a reimbursement of @@@euros on the subscription fee.

The prize money for 2022:

MEN CUP 1st: € 2500
LADIES CUP 1ste: € 2500
VETS CUP 1st: € 750


A festihut is a cosy wooden hut with a door that can be locked, a window and it has 4 beds and real mattresses.
1 festihut accomodates 4 persons

ALL-IN PRIZE: €@@/festihut (Please have a look at the ‘boarding’ page for more info) + 100 euro warranty

NEW NEW NEW: €@@@ for a festihut of 14 persons (only 18 of these huts available) + 300 euro warrenty

Like every year people can sleep in tents. Please find the fees below:

Tent typeTariff + warranty
A (12 pers.)€ 1260+ € 100
B (16 pers.)€ 1680 + € 100

At our tournament people pay with TOKENS. 1 TOKEN = € @@. With a token you can pay for drinks and food on the Flanders Open Rugby site.
These TOKENS can be bought in one of our cash desks. At the cash desks you can also pay with VISA/MASTERCARD.

On Saturday we will offer a BBQ. Prize: € @@pp. (You can register for the BBQ at the infopoint)

At Flanders Open Rugby we also have a FOODVILLAGE. This is opened during the tournament and will offer you a wide range of foods like:

  • Sandwiches
  • Hamburgers
  • Pasta
  • Healthy food
  • Vegetarian
  • Fried food
  • Kebab

Drinks will be available to you for € @@@ (1 TOKEN)
1 TOKEN: Beer (normal), Soda
2 TOKEN : wine
2,5 TOKEN: Desperados, Strongbow, Eristoff
12 + 4 TOKENS: A can of beer (3L) (4 TOKENS warranty for the can)

Charleroi - 35 peopleCharleroi - 50 people
Go: 345 euroGo and back: 690 euroGo: 365 euroGo and back: 730 euro
Zaventem - 35 peopleZaventem - 50 people
Go: 295 euroGo and back: 590 euroGo: 310 euroGo and back: 620 euro
Amsterdam - 35 peopleAmsterdam - 50 people
Go: 545 euroGo and back: 1090 euroGo: 565 euroGo and back: 1130 euro
Zeebrugge - 35 peopleZeebrugge - 50 people
Go : 380 eurogo and back 760 eurogo : 400 eurogo and back : 800 euro

We also have air mattresses for sale. These will cost you € 15 and we will have air compressors available to inflate them.
More info at the infopoint.

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