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Can my team enter the Flanders Open Rugby Tens?

Any team in the world can apply to play in the Flanders Open Rugby Tens. A formal invitation announcing the forthcoming tournament is posted on the website and sent out in October to previously entered teams and other people that have made enquiries. We are currently planning a Men, Ladies, Old Boys competition.
All teams must apply using the online entry form on this web site. Any team at any level can apply. We welcome club sides, social sides, invitation sides and even full international sides. For safety reasons there is a restriction that all senior players need to be at least 18 years old unless explicitly allowed by the Organizing Committee.

When is the tournament played?

The tournament is always played during the weekend of WHITSUN.
The 2020 tournament will be held on 29,30 and 31 May.
From Friday 18 May (16:00), you will be welcome on our grounds.
The last teams are asked to leave on Monday morning after breakfast around 10:00..

How much is the entry fee and how do we pay it?

The entry fee is 300 Euro for all teams.
The ultimate date to book is January 15th.
The participation of your team will only be finalized once you have paid your entry fee.
The entry fee is normally not refundable in the event of a withdrawal.
Please make sure you include the name of the team when making the payment. This is essential to identify the sender.
May we urge you to react quickly? There are limited team spaces available and we operate a very simple “first pay will play” rule.

Name beneficiary: Dendermonde Rugbyclub
Address beneficiary: Koning Albertstraat 140, B-9200 Dendermonde (Belgium)
Bank Address: Fr. Van Schoorstraat 2, B-9200 Dendermonde (Belgium)
Bank Account: 001-1177579-75
City, province and country: Dendermonde, Oost-Vlaanderen and Belgium
Nr. IBAN: BE 05001117757975
Swift Code: CGAKBEBB 001-1177579-75

Why must the entry fee be paid so early?

We regard payment of the entry fee as full commitment to take part and it ensures that the decision to enter is well founded. In the past, some teams have decided to withdraw after the draw was made and the playing schedule constructed. It is then often too late for wait listed “standby” teams to find economical flights and to fill the opening.

What’s the weather like in May?

Most of our events have enjoyed sun and great weather, 20° – 25°C. There is always the risk for some summer rain and showers, so we advise bringing a rain jacket along.

Is there food and drink available?

Yes we are fully licensed and have 4 bars and a number of food outlets. You will find everything from simple snacks to full meals: pasta, hamburgers, paella, fries, sandwiches, barbecue, fruit, soup, ice cream,…
It is not allowed to bring food and beverages into the enclosed tournament area.

Why is it forbidden to bring beverages & food into the tournament site?

There is a strict arrangement with the city-council and the Insurance Company to make sure there is no glass on the tournament site. But most of all, this tournament operates with unprecedented logistics which are extremely expensive. The only means to pay all that have to come from the sale of food & drinks. Allowing the participants to bring their own would ensure the end of the Flanders Open Rugby.

How do you select which teams get a place?

To be considered for the tournament you must fill out the application form and pay your entry fee. First come, first served. Teams that have played in the tournament before and have performed well get preferential treatment should any problems arise. Because of the pressure on places, we normally do not allow clubs to enter more than one team in each class.

What is the tournament format?

Games: 2 x 10 minutes



12 teams in the men’s cup. 3 groups of 4 teams. 3 games per team.


First 2 of each group go through to the cup and play in groups on Sunday: 2 groups of 3 teams  = 2 games per team. The first two of each group play semifinals and finals.

Numbers 3 & 4 of the Saturday-groups will play ranking matches on Sunday in two groups of three teams (2 games per team).



40 teams in the men’s beer cup. 10 groups of 4 teams. 3 games per team.


Winners of each group go through to the beer cup and play in groups on Sunday: 4 groups of 3 teams = 2 games per team. The winners of each group play semifinals and finals.

The Sunday group winners will be ranked according to their results and then 1-4 and 2-3

Numbers 2, 3 & 4 of the Saturday-groups will play ranking games on Sunday in 12 groups of 3 teams (2 games per team).



32 teams in the Ladies Cup. 8 groups of 4 teams. 3 games per team in the groups with four teams.


Up to 24 teams will play in the Sunday’s competition. Numbers 1 and 2 of each group go through to the cup and play on Sunday in groups: 4 groups of 3 teams = 2 games per team. The winners of each group will play semifinals and finals.

The group winners will be ranked according to their results and then 1-4 and 2-3

Numbers 3 & 4 of the Saturday-groups will play ranking games on Sunday in four groups of three teams (2 games per team).



10 teams in the Old Boys Series. 2 groups of 5 teams. Tournament over two days. Some teams play two group games on Saturday, and repeat that on Sunday. Other teams will already play 3 games on Saturday, and will be playing only one group game on Sunday.


some teams play 2, others one group game. The winners of each group will play the final. If pitches are released earlier than scheduled, we will still try to organize semifinals.

When can we see the Playing Schedule?

As soon as the draw is made – normally end May – it is sent out to all teams entered along with a playing schedule and both will be sent out to all team responsibles. It is important that you check your schedule to make sure you know when your first game is to be played.

NOTE! In order to fit in 176 matches in the allotted time, we have a very tight playing schedule. Both teams must be on the pitch at the scheduled time or within two minutes after the previous game is over – there is no waiting time. The referee will whistle for kick-off even if only one team is on the pitch.

How many players may we bring?

Currently you can register up to 20 players for the Tens tournament. Our experience is that all teams need a minimum of 15 players to meet all of their commitments on the pitch. We often get players trying to find a team to play for and can usually help to supplement teams who are short of players.
For safety reasons there is a restriction that all senior players need to be at least 18 years old unless explicitly allowed by the Organizing Committee.

How long are the games?

All games except finals will be 10 minutes per half with a 1-minute break.
The duration of all Sunday Cup finals will be 15 minutes per half with a 2-minute break.
In Saturday pool games, there will be no extra time to determine a winner.
During “knock out” phases, when there is a drawn match and extra time is required, the extra time is played in periods of five minutes. After each period, the teams change ends without an interval. The team that scores points first is immediately declared the winner, without any further play.

When should I travel?

Arriving in Dendermonde
From Friday (16:00), you’re welcome on our grounds.
Certainly be there in time for the Welcome Reception on the Friday evening. This is planned to be held from around 20:00 until around 22:00 in our clubhouse. It is also the opportunity to get some of the administration done. If you do not make the reception then you need to be at the Tournament well before 10:00 AM on Saturday to sort out the administration.

Leaving Dendermonde
The final game finishes around 18:30 on Sunday. This is followed by the prize-giving ceremony followed by the final tournament party until 03:00.
If you are booking a flight, try to get one on Monday. Leaving early and missing the final is not fun. Missing the plane is also not good. The final party is also well worth staying on for.
The last teams are asked to leave on Monday morning after breakfast around 10:00.

When are the games played?

The first games are at 09:00 sharp on Saturday (You may best arrive on Friday-evening!).
On Saturday the last games can finish as late as 20:00-21:00.
The draw for Sunday’s knock-out stages is made when all games are finished on Saturday.
With the traditional BBQ and Tri-Nations game being shown on the big screen at the main pitch the wait is not so tedious.
Sunday’s playing schedule also starts at 10.00 sharp. The Old Ladies’, Old Boys’, Ladies’ and Men’s Finals start around 16:00. The Cup Grand Men’s Final will be played around 18:00 on Sunday.

I understand that the accommodation is not included in the 300 EUR entry fee?

No it’s not. A rugby tournament doesn’t necessary have to be expensive.
Teams have the choice to book either Festihuts or tents. Please see the Boarding section on this website to compare both.

Breakfast is included.

What is included in the breakfasts on the 3 mornings?

Breakfast? Whatever you want … as much as you want: Coffee, tea, fruit juice, cornflakes, sandwiches, cakes, eggs, meats, chocolate, jam, cheese, …

Can I camp with my own tent at the tournament site?

No, the venue is located in a public sports center and camping is strictly prohibited.

Are there air mattresses or camp-beds in the tents?

No. But they can be bought in our campingshop.

Where is the tournament held?

The Flanders Open Rugby Tens will be held at:
Sportcomplex Sint-Gillis Dendermonde, Van Langenhovestraat 203, 9200 Dendermonde

Am I insured by the tournament?

No, the organizers have no liability what so ever. As we have always guaranteed a high quality organisation, we will ensure leaving nothing to chance.

We have a very professional set-up with doctors and physios at the venue. Minor injuries, cuts and bruises can be treated immediately on site. In case of a serious injury that requires hospital treatment, you need to be insured. This is your own responsibility. You might be insured via your club or union. Any insured person in an EU, EES country or Switzerland has the right to receive medically required health care from a public health care provider within the EU.

To prove that you are insured in your country you must have a “European Health Insurance Card”. The cardholder will be treated in the same way and charged with the same patient fees as an insured person in the country he or she is visiting. You must apply for this card from your local health insurance agency well in advance.

A copy of your identity card will do as well. You will receive the invoice of the hospital at your home address and you can present it to your insurance company after having paid the invoice.

The easiest thing to do is that you ask all the players to take a copy of their identity card, and to put them in a folder. In case of a serious injury that requires hospital treatment, you can easily give the copy of the passport of the concerned player to the ambulance if a transport to the hospital is required.

How do I get to Dendermonde from the airport to your pitch and what does that cost?

Dendermonde is fairly easy to reach, depending which means of transport you would be using. It is situated exactly in the middle of the “golden triangle” Brussels-Gent-Antwerp.

There are two airports within reasonable reach of Dendermonde:

The nearest airport is Brussels Airport (Zaventem). In Zaventem you can take a train to Brussels-North (5 minutes). There you take the train to Dendermonde (2 trains each hour). Takes you about 20-25 minutes. Our clubhouse is about 5 minutes walking distance from the railwaystation.

The second airport is Brussels-South Charleroi. Ryan Air is flying to that airport by the way.
Best way to travel further to Dendermonde is by coach.
If you should consider coming over from the airport by coach, we can arrange a coach if you want us to. They will be waiting in Zaventem or Charleroi for you. We just need to know when you’re landing on Friday and when your planes leave on Monday.

Are there supplementary costs for the party on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

All three parties’ are for free for the participating teams!!

Do we have to wear silly tour gear?

No, but your trip might be a bit more fun if you do. Prizes will be handed out for best individual and best team effort on the Saturday night party.

What is the price of a beer?

€ 2,50 if you pay onsite.

But you can order tokens online with a discount!

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