Bastion V

Friday the 7th of June, you’ll be able to witness the first ever collab between Flanders Open and Bastion V, a local collective hosting various dance events in Dendermonde city.
Providing Funky beats and groovy bass lines, following DJ’s will make sure to succesfully kickoff this 26th edition.

Shady Lady (AUS)

Shady Lady wants to boogie into your ear holes, inject you with funky disco treats and naughty house beats. Her groove is contagious and she’s disgustingly outrageous. This lady hosts her own weekly live stream show – so tune in to make her fan base grow. In her part time she likes to make horrible rhyme crimes.

OvT (NL)

After playing numerous parties in Amsterdam and festivals like All We Want and Secret Garden Festival, it was time to make good on the promise to reach dj WALHALLA and rock the DMD dance scene. After his residence at multiple Lumen parties and an apocalyptic closing of Bastion V Open Air, this lad is ready to boogie your socks of. Offering a big reward to people who don’t dance when OvT takes the stage.

Jeudy & Fish (BE)

Spicing up your life with smooth deep house grooves & raw minimal beats, flavoured with disco cuts. After playing Plein Publiek, Bar Helder and Charlatan they are coming back to bring the salsa dip for Dendermonde’s nachos. Not as good as peanut butter and jelly, but just about anything is to be expected when they touch their vinyl.

Leeba (BE)

“Beats for breakfast, lunch and dinner” he says. We’re guessing some life motto’s are better than others. But no other is better fitting for this DJ. Ranging from minimal to techno, making the ground shake and your bones vibrate is the only thing he wakes up for.

Woop (BE)

Started out with Jeudy at the Zep and now part of DMD Radio. Woop likes to take his time to build a peculiar atmosphere, often using trippy or experimental sounds, backed by undeniable grooves.

Pi (BE)

Pi also goes by the name ‘Mc. Cheesy’ and it’s not hard to guess why. His vinyl collection is like a bottomless barrel of funky house. Moving the baddest bastards and charming the sweetest girls, Pi vows to keep all legs in motion.

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