Desperados Stage Saturday

Robert Abigail

Robert Abigail is one of Belgium’s most demanded and popular dj’s and dance producers in the scene. A Fixture!

On every major festival or event, clubs and many other respectable venue’s around the world he makes the temperature rise as soon as he climbs on stage. With his powerfull and unique sets filled with a wide range of different styles, he combines house, urban and pop. If you think you have heard a track before… think again! His own mashups and remixes separates him from the mass! Robert Abigail has been rocking and still is rocking nearly every country in Europe, Russia, Asia and North Africa


DJ and producer, Eye-Xpress born in belgium with italian roots
got passionate by dance and music in his younger years. At the age of 5, he
discovered the music and dance moves of Michael Jackson, which later made him
practicing Hip Hop- & breakdance. It didn’t take long before he developed his
passion for playing music.
He started as a Photographer in the Belgian after club ‘The Cream’, where he got
the chance to play a couple of records after a DJ did not showed up. With an open
mind and huge self-confidence, he filled the dancefloor in no time with electronic
music-based records of genres and styles ranging from Techhouse to Minimal
Deeptech. And so, his career as a DJ started and his passion for music grew with
every record he played at many clubs.
A couple of years later he had to move to France and so his career was set on
hold. In France he worked hard as a sous-chef in the Italian restaurant of his
father, but his passion for music was so strong that he returned to Belgium after
X- years. Back in Belgium he worked as a volunteer at festivals where he created
and built stage decorations and it kept him close to what he is deeply passionate
about, music!
Music is a way to let him connect with people without using any word. Expressing
his feelings, making people smile and dance are his motivation and gives him tons
of energy. Eye-Express does not call himself a DJ but someone who’s mission is
making people happy.


JEVA is already in the scene for more than 15 years and evolved from an all-round party DJ to an underground deep house master.

Thanks to his experience and wide musical background, he knows what it takes to get a crowd moving under any circumstances.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a warming up or a peak hour set, he takes the audience on a trip from funky deep house to pumping tech house beats!

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